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Nuclear Toxicology

Health protection against ionizing radiation and toxic nuclear agents

Published on 29 September 2017

As part of the Life Sciences Division, PROSITON maintains a nuclear toxicity surveillance network. Our skills allow us to respond to or anticipate health questions regarding the use of ionizing radiation and radionuclides.

The team

Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs - Doctor in medicine – Doctor in radiobiology
Florence Ménétrier - Doctor in pharmacy – Supervisor of the PROSITON unit

Toxicology, radiobiology, dosimetry and radioprotection

As part of a network of professionals and researchers involved in radiobiology, toxicology, dosimetry and radiation protection, the PROSITON expertise unit implements its skills to :

  • respond to or anticipate health issues (industrial, institutional, media, and private individuals) regarding nuclear issues and the use of ionizing radiation in medicine, 
  • train or inform public health and nuclear professionals, as well as members of the public,
  • share and disseminate knowledge through the participation of groups of experts from national, European and international agencies and administrations.

Our fields of expertise

Scientific analysis and response for preventing health risks from occupational exposure of workers and environmental exposure of the public

Study of the health effects of ionizing radiation and toxic nuclear agents: chemical elements and radionuclides, including those used or formed during upstream and downstream steps of the cycle or in medical applications


Advice for the caring and treatment of victims in a crisis, including CBRN events


Analysis of interactions between different types of risks (physical, biological and chemical)


Raising awareness for the needs of research and technological support

within internal CEA, national or European projects


Expertise within the framework of international authorities

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